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HGH Gel Testimonials

I wanted to tell you about my husband. He is 73 yrs young and was not so excited like I am about this gel. When I got the
Gel about a month ago he said he would try it! For about three weeks he didn’t say much… until this week he said “I think
the skin on my face is tighter” he also said when he works out he feels like he can go longer and has more energy! He
got up at 5:30 am and started working out the other morning, and I was just chuckling in my head! His muscle definition
is changing and he’s more vibrant. For me and the gel.. Its been beyond amazing!

– Pam P.

I am on my third week of using the gel. I think the thing I’m most excited about is not matter how clean I eat and not matter
how much I exercise, I could not get rid of the perimenoupusal bump on my tummy. I struggled with being 8 to 10 lb over
my ideal weight no matter what I did. I’m happy to see I have lost 6 lb so far and that bump is gone! Definitely noticing
a deeper sleep and waking up way more alert. I also was able to stop wearing a knee brace playing pickleball as of last
week! So excited to see and fee the positive changes 2 months 3 months and 6 months plus from now!

– Linda C.

Hi ladies!!! I am so loving my gel! It’s been 12 weeks and my hairdresser was shocked the other day how much my hair had
grown since my last visit! My eyebrows and eyelashes are fuller and longer too!!!

– Alyssa L.

I have never been so excited in my life. I just left my Cardiologist and he told me that my heart is good and that it’s a
go to use gel. He had heard of it and ask me to let me know how it goes! I sure I will. I am so excited and I can’t wait
to #Getonthegel

– Clewette J.

Day 3- Ok so I’m totally blown away that I’m experiencing changes already. My mood is soooo much better. I’m having crazy
vivid wonderful dreams and one of the most INSANE…I woke up this morning at 6 am happy, energetic and 100% ready to start
my day! WHAT?! It’s Saturday morning!! I usually want to sleep in as long as I possibly can! AND I HAVN’T HAD MY COFFEE
YET!! This is HUGE! I’m beyond excited about this product and cant wait for what’s yet to come!

– Mary Robb H.

Good morning ladies. I’m new to the gel and am about to start Day 5. I’m amazed at how quickly this is working About 4 weeks
ago I decided to start training for a mini-triathlon (from scratch), as I just turned 50 and wanted to prove that I could
accomplish this at my age. In my training so far I have been running around 3-4 miles as I’ve been progressing. After
3 days of being on the gel, the next morning I sprang out of bed and ran 6.7 miles as if it was second nature. I could
have gone further but was on a time schedule. I’ve seen my body react amazingly better to my gym workouts as well. I’m
truly a believer in this product and can’t wait to see how quickly I’m ready for my first event.

-Amy S.

I’ve only been on the product for 11 days….so I’m extremely surprised that i’m already noticing benefits. I’ve suffered with
terrible shoulder pain for nearly a year now. I’ve had 3 cortisone shots in my AC joint with the last shot being in September
2017. on a good day, I’ve only been able to lift inclined dumb bell bench using 70#…today, I surprisingly put up the
100#. Anyone that lifts knows how depressing an injury can be…when you can’t do what you’re used to doing it really gets
you down. Needless to say, I’m pretty ecstatic. Not only is my pain getting much better, I’m also sleeping better. For
the past few days I’ve had an increase in morning energy…no coffee needed. I can’t wait to see where I’m at a month from

-Ryan B.

Got mine a week ago. I’m so excited! I’m 67 and have been fighting adult acne for over two years. It’s gone. Cleared up by
the fourth day. I was afraid to believe it but it’s true! I don’t have to cover anything!! I am so happy!!

-Cheryl G.

HUGE skeptic of new products; but I’m THRILLED my friends urged me to take the leap on this HGH gel! First month, down 20
lbs & 3% body fat, better sleep, with no increase in physical activity! And the clarity of mind is hard to measure so
far, but I’m definitely feeling something. And most importantly for me, which is one thing I DID NOT expect…I’ve been
suffering from chronic low back pain due to degenerative spine disease and a herniated disc infringing on my spinal chord.
The pain is just not as sharp anymore. I guess our bodies drive the active ingredients where they’re needed most. Excited
to see what benefits Month #2 brings!

-Kyle K.

I am an AIRBORNE Paratrooper in the US Army for 18+ years. I have put my body through quite a beating in that time. I suffered
an injury to my left ankle back in April 2017 during an Airborne operation. I went to physical therapy for months with
no real luck. I have been unable to run or jump in that time. I was introduced to HGH gel about a month ago and I’m feeling
like a new person. I have signed up for the May 19th Tough Mudder in Philadelphia and I’m exited to get out there. I
admit I was skeptical about this product, but now there is now no way I will go without it.

-Stephen A.

Quick 1 week testimonial: my energy is SO MUCH BETTER! I wake up before the alarm most days now and am perky from the get-go,
even before caffeine! This is a giant change from where I was for months prior to starting the gel. I am also experiencing
less nausea and upset stomach from a healing protocol I’m on. Prior to the gel, the herbs for the healing protocol would
make me nauseous on and off all day, for weeks. Day 3 on the gel was the last time I felt “off.” Thank you M.E. for not
giving up on me, even though I was hesitant and skeptical at first.

-Tiffani B.

Here’s an awesome unexpected benefit of the gel…I’ve always had “chicken skin” on the backs of my arms, you know, those tiny
little bumps. I have literally tried EVERYTHING including prescription creams but nothing seems to make it go away. 5
months on the gel and my arms are smooth and bump free!

-Mary M.

My testimonial- 48 years old. Mom of two teen girls. Almost 3 months on the gel. Improved Sleep (less interruption, far less
hot flashes, vivid dreams, deep sleep!) Increased energy (through the roof!) Stronger nails and faster growing hair.
Mood more relaxed, even keeled and feeling balanced. The biggest for me is the strength. I’m a personal trainer, former
triathlete, Fast-pitch softball coach and avid sports and fitness person. In the last 4-5 years my workouts have tapered
off some. Not because I wanted them to but because I felt some decreased strength and endurance- saw decreased lean-muscle
mass and an increase in pain/injury. Nagging pain on lateral left knee, left ankle tweak, lower back pain, medial glute
and hip issue and some shoulder pain. Since being on the gel all of those issues have greatly improved and my recovery
is unbelievable. My workouts feel like when I was in my 30’s and I’ve never felt better or stronger. No fear from pain
and noticeable gains in every aspect of my fitness level.

-Julie V.

Say GOOD BYE glasses! I am shocked! I heard this gel helps with eyesight and now I know it to be true! A year ago I got both
contact lenses and glasses. I had worn a contact for mano-vision but when I got my new job it didn’t work because my
screens were just a bit too far and my back got sore leaning over all day. I finally thought I would try it again today
and I CAN READ the print again! So flipping jazzed! #lovinmygel #miraclesdohappen

-Cynthia P.