Facial Treatments

The Spa & Laser Center offers the most inviting spa experience in Virginia Beach, from our North Shore Signature Facial to our Laser Hair Removal to our Botox and Kybella Injectables. You can be sure of quality care when you stop by our Shore Drive spa. Perfectly situated between Bayside Chicks Beach and the North End and oceanfront, the Spa & Laser Center is right at the intersection of Shore Drive and Great Neck in Virginia Beach.

Our facials assist with a variety of skin conditions – try our Ultimate Glycolic Treatment to treat unsightly wrinkles and spots, or upgrade your facial with a VascuTouch, Microdermabrasion, Ampoule Booster, Oxygen Blast, Epidermal Planing, Enzyme or Transdermal Infusion Mask.

Spa Facials:

North Shore Signature Facial

North Shore Revitalizer

Oxy-Mist™ Facial

Age Defying Facial

Ultimate Glycolic Treatment

Gentlemen’s Luxury

Teen Facial

Medicated Clearing Treatment

Eye Care Lift

Optional Facial Treatment Upgrades to Enhance your Spa Experience & Results:

  • Back Treatment: Glycolic peels or organic DNA treatment can be included during facials on a periodic basis.
  • VascuTouch: A quick treatment for the removal of unsightly facial veins and skin tags.
  • Microdermabrasion (30 minutes): An advanced treatment.
  • Oxygen Blast: Neutralizes free-radicals and to help restore smoothness, while hydrating and calming the skin. Recommended post-surgery.
  • Ampoule Booster
  • Enzyme Mask
  • Epidermal Planing
  • Transdermal Infusion Masks:
    • Green Tea Facial Mask
    • Anti-Aging Serum
    • Collagen Eye Treatment
    • Collagen Skin Firming Treatment
    • Scalp Massage