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What is BOTOX® and how does it work?

Botulinum is a neurotoxin frequently injected into different parts of the body to achieve different aesthetic goals including anti-aging, bruxism, excessive sweating, and chronic migraines. The Spa & Laser Center is proud to offer authentic BOTOX® injections in Virginia Beach & Downtown Norfolk. The locals’ best-kept secret is out!

BOTOX® for Anti-Agingbotox treatment

BOTOX® injections to the face, cheeks, and forehead can freeze muscles beneath the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles while preventing the creation of new ones. Effects are temporary, lasting 3-6 months, during which time everyone will know only that you look amazingly well-rested!

BOTOX® for Migraines

When injected to the temple, BOTOX® can reduce chronic migraines by 50% and may even halt them altogether. Sufferers of chronic monthly migraines may experience relief for 10-12 weeks.

BOTOX® for Sweating

Many who experience excessive body perspiration find that BOTOX® injections into their armpits provides a reprieve. If you’re sick of the underarms of your shirts constantly feeling damp, if you’ve run out of new deodorant brands to try, if you’re tired of having to carry a spare shirt at all times, BOTOX® in the underarms may help.

Is BOTOX® Safe?

BOTOX® injections are safe, FDA-approved, scientifically-proven, and incredibly popular. Not only does BOTOX® treat fine lines and prevent new wrinkles from forming, it has many medical uses in addition to the more common cosmetic application.

Are there side effects of BOTOX®?

Not for nothing is BOTOX® one of the most popular and most requested nonsurgical cosmetic procedures of 2018. BOTOX® injections are safe, with minimal downtime, immediate results, and most patients experience no side effects. Since the results of BOTOX® are temporary, when a patient does experience side effects from BOTOX® they are also temporary and short-lived. botox cosmetic

Where is the best place to get BOTOX® near me?

BOTOX® injections are safe and scientifically proven—when administered by a certified nurse injector in an hygienic facility that has been authorized to distribute brand-name BOTOX®. It is critical to do your research and choose a reputable medical spa in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, one backed by a professional medical organization. The Spa & Laser Center in Virginia Beach & Downtown Norfolk is proud to be a licensed and authorized dealer of BOTOX® injections. Our Virginia Beach certified nurse injector has become something of a local celebrity, and our Downtown Norfolk staff are just as experienced, welcoming, and skilled with a needle.

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