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Your skin works hard to protect you from the sun, infection and the elements. But all the work means it can suffer a lot of damage.

Facial treatments can help undo damage to your skin, leaving it looking and feeling young and fresh. You can use a variety of facial treatments to care for your skin, including:
All of these treatments offer different benefits to improve your skin’s appearance. Some of the most common benefits you can expect from facial treatments include:

Reduced Dark Spots and Blemishes

Some dark spots and blemishes won’t go away on their own. You need to stimulate deep healing to even out skin texture and color. One way to achieve this is through a chemical peel.

Chemical peels use safety-tested chemicals to remove the uppermost layers of skin. This stimulates your body to grow new layers of skin with a smoother texture and color.

Softer, More Luminous Skin
Your skin can get dull as you age or in the dry, winter air. It can also become less elastic and drier.

Microdermabrasion uses a small roller to remove dead skin cells that keep skin looking hard and dull. It also pricks the skin in small places to stimulate the healing and growth of new, more luminous skin cells.

Remove Scars

Acne, injuries and other issues can cause deep and unsightly scars on your skin. These may require more care than just chemical peels; they may need even deeper treatment.

Laser skin resurfacing removes the top layer of skin and stimulates healing deep within your skin. It also increases the production of collagen, a protein that helps skin maintain elasticity and suppleness. For scars that are deep or affect the texture of your skin, laser skin resurfacing stimulates the healing you need.

Less Acne

Blue light therapy safely treats acne by killing the bacteria that may be causing your acne. The gentle heat from the light can also help shrink pores, reducing the appearance of pores and how much oil is in your skin. Together, these effects lead to reduced acne breakouts. It works best for people who have red, inflammatory pimples as part of their acne.

Other facial treatments, such as special washes and cleansing solutions, can also help treat and prevent acne.

Fewer Lines and Wrinkles

All of these forms of facial rejuvenation and facial treatment stimulate your skin to become smoother and more supple through natural healing processes. They can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun damage, helping you look younger.

A boost in collagen levels in your skin can also make your skin become more elastic. This might help new wrinkles from forming.

At the Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach, our experienced team members offer comprehensive facial treatments to improve facial appearance and feel. We can help you achieve better-looking skin in a few easy treatments. Contact us today at 757-965-7444 or online to schedule your facial treatment consultation.
Women is getting Rejuvenated facial treatment