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Not all wrinkles are created equal, don’t treat them all the same!

Our bodies go through a variety of changes as we age, including new skincare challenges. One of the most common concerns with maturing skin is the appearance of lines and wrinkles, as well as a decrease in volume and firmness.

As we age, the skin begins to produce less collagen and elastin – the two vital proteins that allow our skin to appear firm and smooth and also support skin elasticity that allows it to return to a resting position. Dermal Fillers Face Treatment

The decreasing levels of collagen and elastin cause an increase of wrinkles, but not all wrinkles are the same. Static wrinkles are those that are always visible, regardless of your facial expression. Dynamic wrinkles, on the other hand, are those that appear and disappear as we move our faces through typical expressions, such as frowning, laughing, concentrating.

Dynamic wrinkles can cause static wrinkles over time as the skin loses its ability to “bounce back”.

Combine static wrinkles with looser skin (caused by a reduction in collagen that produces full and firm skin), and it can be tempting to think about a facelift to tighten the face-up. There are alternatives, though!

Here are three benefits of considering dermal filler treatment instead of going for a surgical facelift:

1. Dermal filler treatment is quicker and less invasive.

Dermal filler treatment focuses on injecting FDA-approved fillers into specific areas of the face, typically in areas where volume has been lost or static wrinkles have taken hold. Injectables help to restore and replenish the natural volume of the face (and can also add balance to existing volume).

Surgical facelifts require going under anesthesia, produce extensive bruising, sometimes produce scar tissue and have a recovery time of 2-4 weeks. Facial dermal fillers don’t require going under, can take between 30 minutes and one hour to complete and don’t require any downtime post-procedure. (There are recommendations for certain activities for approximately two days post-procedure, but nothing inhibitive to normal activity.)

Overall, dermal filler treatment is a fraction of the time commitment of going under the knife for a surgical facelift.

2.Facial dermal fillers are highly customized.

Surgical facelifts focus on lifting and tightening the entire face; the procedure can be focused on specific areas but lacks a strategic targeting approach.

Opposite of the holistic approach, dermal fillers are used with a highly strategic and targeted treatment plan to replenish the natural volume of the face and also add balance to the natural fullness that may already exist.

Over time, surgical facelifts will be subject to gravity and the natural aging process with control. In contrast, dermal filler treatment can be continually customized to how the face is aging and target areas as they change.

Dermal fillers can also be used in conjunction with Botox treatment to reduce dynamic wrinkles that may interact in treated areas.

3.Surgical facelifts only focus on skin tightness.

Surgical facelifts have the goal of tightening and lifting the skin. However, the process of lifting and tightening can highlight areas that have lost fullness and can showcase areas that have a hollow look.  Often in this circumstance, a dermal filler treatment will be suggested to replenish the areas of volume loss.

Only dermal filler treatment can provide the volume that is decreased from the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Whether you are looking to decrease the appearance of either type of wrinkle, add balance to your face, or help prevent the progress of aging, facial dermal fillers can help you reach your goals.

Here at The Spa & Laser Center, we happily provide patients with treatment options to sidestep the common side effects of aging. Among those treatment options? Dermal fillers is a safe, popular, and minimally invasive choice for people looking to revitalize and restore their skin’s volume.

If you are considering dermal filler treatment, we can help determine the best treatment options for you. Contact us at 757-965-7444 to schedule your personalized consultation.
Dermal Filler Being Injected Into A Patient Forehead