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Laser hair removal is a procedure where a laser is used to remove unwanted hair permanently. This treatment can be used on underarm hair, facial hair, the bikini region, the legs, the back, and elsewhere. Because the technology used is so sensitive and the areas treated are so delicate, you must prepare for your treatment correctly. At the Spa & Laser Center, we offer laser hair removal in Norfolk, VA. Our technicians will guide you through your treatment and help you prepare to ensure your experience is pleasurable and ends in results.

What to Expect at Your First Laser Hair Removal Treatment

During the treatment, lasers target the pigment your hair follicles produce and direct a beam of light to kill the pigment. The light kills the pigment-producing follicle, which prevents hair growth. However, because laser hair removal targets pigmented areas of hair, individuals with light hair (blonde, red, etc.) will not find laser hair removal to be effective. Individuals who utilize laser hair removal must undergo six to ten treatments for the follicle to be completely destroyed and stop producing hair. The length of the treatment and how many treatments are needed depend on the thickness, color, type of hair, and location of the hair. Sessions will be spaced out by 4-6 weeks to ensure that the treatments get rid of the follicle throughout the growth cycle. Most people experience a slight stinging sensation during the treatment but are otherwise unaffected. 

How to Prepare for your First Treatment

Your first laser hair removal treatment sets the tone for the rest of your treatments. If successful, it can decrease the number of treatments needed. For this reason, we recommend you prepare in the following ways: cease plucking or waxing, shave 24-48 hours before the appointment, ask about medications, clean the area, avoid the sun, and wear loose-fitting clothing.

Don’t Pluck or Wax

Laser hair removal requires the entire hair follicle to be embedded in the skin. If you pluck or wax the treated area, the laser will have nothing to target for the treatment—ultimately resulting in continued hair growth. 

Shave 24-48 Hours Before the Appointment

While plucking or waxing is not recommended because it takes the hair out of the bulb, shaving is fine. We recommend you shave the area 24-48 hours before the procedure to reduce the chances of burning. 

Use Caution with Medications

Certain medications should not be used or taken when undergoing laser hair removal. This includes topical medications and oral medications. To ensure that your health and safety and not at risk, it is essential to speak with a laser hair removal specialist about the medications you are taking. Birth control, anti-inflammatory drugs, photosensitizing medications, hormone treatments, and acne medications are all examples of medications that can interfere with your treatment.

Clean the Area

Some skin and hair products can increase your skin’s photosensitivity. This can increase your risk of burning during the treatment. That is why it is essential that the treated area is clean and free of any moisturizers, tanners, and treatments. (Particularly any products that use retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid.) Cease using these products in the area for 2-3 days before and after your treatment.

Stay Out of the Sun

If your skin is sunburnt or damaged in any way, your laser hair removal procedure may be rescheduled or postponed. Damaged skin is more sensitive, and because the treatment utilizes lasers, you can cause further damage to your skin. 

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes

When attending your appointment, you should try to wear loose-fitting clothing. After the treatment, the treated area may be more sensitive to the touch and tender. Tight clothing can rub, irritate, and inflame the treated skin and lead to discomfort. 

Become Hair-Free with Laser Hair Removal in Norfolk, VA

Stop worrying about unwanted hair and discover a life free of shaving, waxing, and plucking—schedule a laser hair removal in Norfolk, VA, at the Spa & Laser Center. Our professional and understanding staff will guide you through the treatment process, ensuring you are adequately prepared and see results. Get the results you want in a caring environment. Call 757-627-8089 or go online to schedule a laser hair removal consultation at the Spa & Laser Center. 
Women is having Armpit Laser Hair Removal Treatment