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A Nonsurgical Way to Smooth and Tone Skin

As you age, your skin becomes thinner and looser all over your body. This can make your body lose its contours, even if you are a healthy weight. You may look bigger than you are and may be able to see more fat cells than when you were young.

But now you can use a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment to help your body look smooth and contoured at any age. BTL Exilis Ultra helps tighten your skin and erase the appearance of fat cells so you feel confident in your body.

What is BTL Exilis Ultra?

BTL Exilis Ultra is an advanced machine that uses heat to stimulate the growth of collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives your tissues structure. As you age, you lose collagen, making your skin look thinner and bumpier.

BTL Exilis Ultra uses safe radio-frequent energy and ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen growth in trouble areas of your body. The heat from these energies encourages your body’s natural healing processes to create that collagen, tightening your skin and improving the appearance of your skin.

What Should I Know About BTL Exilis Ultra?

You can use BTL Exilis Ultra on any part of your body that you want to look more toned, whether it is your cheeks, thighs or tummy. It is safe to use almost anyone and on almost anyone, from age 21 to 70.

The heat from BTL Exilis Ultra feels comparable to a hot stone massage. It may feel a little intensely hot at times, but the specialized technology cools you when you need it, helping keep you comfortable and pain-free during your treatment. And that intense heat can reach deep into your tissues, increasing the amount of collagen you produce.

Even better, the treatment has no side effects. You can undergo BTL Exilis Ultra over your lunch break in just 15 to 30 minutes and go straight back to work or play. You don’t have to stop any of your normal activities, whether that is binging Netflix or working out. Some patients do experience a little redness, but it is no more red or tender than a sunburn.

Your results will get even better with additional treatments. Most patients receive between 2 to 4 weekly treatments to get the best results. While you may start seeing results right away, results will also continue to improve over this time as your body continues to produce new collagen and your skin becomes tighter and smoother.

You can get a more contoured look and younger looking skin with BTL Exilis Ultra close to home in Virginia Beach. At the Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach, our experience care team helps you stay relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment. They offer personalized results to help you get the body and appearance you want.

Contact the Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach today at 757-965-7444 to schedule your BTL Exilis Ultra appointment.
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