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As you age, your skin can lose volume as your body produces less collagen (a protein that gives your skin structure). Gravity also begins to pull at the fat beneath your skin, tugging it down so your face looks flatter. Your skin also becomes less elastic and less able to snap back into place, causing wrinkles and fine lines

Over time, your skin also begins to lose moisture, which can leave it looking dull and can exaggerate the appearance of wrinkles. All these changes happen gradually, but sometimes it can feel like they occur overnight. Factors like sun exposure, smoking and genetics can make all these changes start at a younger age.

Fortunately, renewing your face and achieving a more youthful appearance doesn’t require plastic surgery like a facelift. There are non-surgical options that provide long-lasting results and leave your face looking fresh instantly.

Each year, more than 1 million Americans get dermal fillers to restore their youthful appearance without surgery. The most popular dermal fillers, including Juvederm and Restylane, use hyaluronic acid, a gel-like substance that occurs naturally in your body.

How Hyaluronic Acid Renews Your Skin

Hyaluronic acid can help your skin in a few different ways. First, it provides volume where volume has been lost, such as in your lips or cheeks. This helps your cheeks look more rounded like they were when you were younger.

Second, hyaluronic acid can fill in wrinkles, even deep ones. When wrinkles are softened by more volume, you look younger.

Third, hyaluronic acid helps your skin hold moisture. When your skin is more moisturized, wrinkles are less apparent. Your skin will also look less dull and more taut. All of these factors can help you look younger and refreshed.

What to Expect From Dermal Fillers

As stated before, dermal fillers are non-surgical. The hyaluronic acid is injected carefully into your face with a tiny needle. To help you feel comfortable, your physician or aesthetician may place a topical numbing cream on your face first. Some dermal fillers also contain lidocaine to help prevent any pain

It takes several injections placed carefully for you to get a natural, more youthful appearance from dermal fillers. You may have some slight redness, bruising or swelling for a day or two after your injections, but side effects are minor and injections are safe and effective. You can minimize side effects by following your physician’s instructions for your recovery.

You will be able to see more youthful-looking skin right after your injections are complete. Your results will last for months, even up to a year and beyond. If you love your results, you can undergo maintenance injections to keep your face looking fresh.

At The Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach, we have the experience you need for beautiful results from dermal fillers. We can help you renew your skin and refresh your appearance. Contact us today at 757-965-7444 or online to schedule your dermal filler consultation.
The woman sitting in a chair getting dermal filler in the forehead by expert