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Facial fillers like Juvederm are becoming more and more popular each year. Unfortunately, myths about dermal fillers are also becoming popular. Get the truth about these myths from the experts at Virginia Beach Spa and Laser Center.

Myth: Fillers Always Look Fake
Doctor Injecting Botox Into The Lips Of A Female When you go to an experienced aesthetician, your results should be subtle and natural-looking. The fillers will replace the volume you naturally lose with age and should restore you to a younger-looking appearance. Many people will notice you look different, but won’t be able to tell how you look different. You can help your aesthetician achieve the right results by bringing a picture of your younger self in. They can use this as a reference for what looks natural for you. Dissatisfied with your results? You can get rid of them fast with a solution that helps dissolve the hyaluronic acid used in dermal fillers.  

Myth: Fillers Require a Lot of Upkeep

Women receiving Fillers While it’s true that dermal fillers are reabsorbed into your body over time, it can take six months to a year for the filler to go away completely. If you choose to maintain your results, you will only need one or two short appointments each year. That’s even less upkeep than Botox injections.

Myth: Fillers Hurt
Fillers are often painless. Your aesthetician can apply numbing cream if you are concerned about discomfort. Any discomfort is also short, lasting only as long as the needle is in your face. It’s also extremely rare for fillers to cause bruising or redness. You’ll have no downtime after your filler treatment and can immediately return to work or play. Smiling Woman Having Her Lips Done

Myth: All Fillers Are the Same
There are many different brands and formulations of fillers that are designed for different areas of the face. Some are made for cheeks while others are made for lips. Who injects your fillers matters, too. While many OB/GYNs or primary care physicians offer fillers, they may have only completed a few hours training. It’s better to seek out a cosmetic professional with years of experience with fillers.

Myth: Fillers Can Replace a Facelift
While fillers can give you great results, these results are not as drastic as a surgical procedure. Fillers can help plump skin up, but they cannot get rid of sagging skin around the jaws or chin. A facelift is the only way to get of extra skin and offers results that last years.

You should speak to a cosmetic professional about which treatment is right for your appearance goals. Fillers may be all you need, especially at younger ages, while face lifts may become a better option as you age.

If you think fillers are right for you, contact the Virginia Beach Spa and Laser Center. Call us today at 757-965-7444 or contact us online to schedule your appointment.
Myths and Facts About Facial Fillers