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When you imagine the ideal image of yourself, what do you see? Probably not hairy legs, and certainly not tufts of hair sprouting from your chest, back, or other unmentionable areas.

Women have been seeking ways to permanently remove hair from the body, but men are new to the game with the recent uptick in ‘manscaping.’ Reviews are mixed, but not that much. 

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Men have long been taught that certain actions, concerns, or treatments were out of bounds for them, but those days are over. More and more gentlemen are finding that they truly are more comfortable, happy, and even feel sexier when they remove the hair from certain areas of the body or face.

Don’t let society tell you who you are, who you can be. American laser skincare has advanced well beyond the point of gender prejudice, and you can, too.

VA dermatological care is more than hair removal: it’s skin care. Let’s take a look at how laser hair removal really works, and how it affects your skin.

How does laser hair removal work?

As cool as it sounds, laser technology is used to deliver intense, pulsing bursts of light and heat to the targeted area. The laser works by seeking out hair follicle by pigment, which is why it’s key to have stubble in the area you’d like treated. The laser destroys the follicle at its source, so that it won’t grow back.

Because hair growth is cyclical and grows in phases, multiple appointments are required to completely eliminate all new hair growth. Even after the recommended 4-6 weeks of treatments, you may see the occasional stray hairs emerge. This is normal, and it’s up to you whether the minimal hairs are acceptable, or if you’d prefer to shave, wax, or schedule a follow up laser hair treatment to nip it in the bud.

Before laser hair removal

You’ll have to shave your chest, back, or anywhere else you’d like to be treated one day prior to receiving your first laser hair removal treatment. The longer the hair, the more the procedure will hurt because instead of simply torching that little piece of stubble, the laser will have to burn the entire hair. Save your skin by shaving first, and minimizing your discomfort.

After laser hair removal

Your skin may feel a bit tingly and sensitive after the procedure, which is completely normal. Try to leave the area alone for the rest of the day, and avoid showering for around 12 hours.

After a couple of days have passed, you’ll want to start regularly exfoliating the area (gently scrub with a soft washcloth or shower puff/sponge) to keep the follicles clear and avoid ingrown hairs. This step is key, because there is no worse feeling than seeing your beautiful, smooth, hairless skin riddled with tiny, painful red bumps.

Laser Hair Removal for men is a booming business fellas, so don’t wait too long. Call the Spa & Laser Center in Virginia Beach today to book your appointment.


laser hair removal for men