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Coarse, dark and fast-growing hairs can keep your skin from feeling smooth and silky. Instead, it may feel rough, prickly or bumpy. It may even look a bit red and bumpy, too.

Unfortunately, shaving and waxing only help for a short time--and can even make the problem worse. These hair removal techniques can lead to red bumps, razor burn, dry and damaged skin and ingrown hairs. Even if your hair is gone, your skin is still bumpy and doesn’t look smooth.

There is only one way to truly achieve silky smooth skin: laser hair removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to target melanin in body hair. Melanin is what gives hair its color. Because it is darker, the melanin absorbs the heat, heating up the entire hair follicle and damaging the bulb at the end of the hair follicle that grows the hair.

When the hair follicle is damaged, hair falls out and will no longer grow from that follicle. As you damage more hair follicles, your skin becomes smoother and smoother.

To achieve smooth, silky skin, you’ll need to repeat laser hair removal appointments. That’s because your hair grows in cycles. To get all of the hair removed, you must get the hair follicles while they are growing hair to target.

You can use laser hair removal on almost any area of the body, including:
  • - Legs
  • - Face
  • - Arms
  • - Back
  • - Chest
  • - Bikini Area
  • - Underarms
Laser hair removal is safe for all these areas, but cannot be used around the eyes or eyebrows. While it may cause some temporary redness and discomfort, similar to a sunburn, these side effects should fade within a few days. To help your skin heal, it’s important to avoid sun exposure in the days before and after your laser hair removal treatment. Too much sun exposure after treatment may cause your skin color to change.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?
Why laser hair removal technology is always improving, it is less effective for some people. To work properly, there needs to be a high contrast between the color of your skin and the color of your hair. That means you may not benefit from laser hair removal if:
  • - You have pale skin and pale hair.
  • - You have very dark skin and dark hair.
  • - You have tattoos on the treatment area.
In these instances, laser hair removal may not be effective unless your treatment provider has the latest technology. New technologies allow for the treatment of dark skin and hair, though it is still difficult to treat red, gray, white and blonde hair.

At The Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach, we help you feel great about your body from head to toe. We provide advanced laser hair removal treatment to give you smooth, silky skin that will have you feeling your best. Contact us today at 757-965-7444 or online to schedule your laser hair removal consultation.
Beautiful women having laser hair removal