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When you think of summer, you likely think of the beach, bathing suits, the smell of sunscreen, heat, and water. At The Spa and Laser Center, we think of radiant and hydrated summer skin. Let the estheticians at our medical spa in Virginia Beach help you achieve your dream summer skin with facial treatments.

Radiant Summer Skin is Within Reach

The summer heat is rolling in, and with it comes tan skin, freckles, and renewed hydration. Get that summer glow you crave with a facial spa treatment at The Spa and Laser Center. We have expert estheticians on staff who are available to help your skin become more smooth, bright, and refreshed. These facial treatments are designed to hydrate your skin, reduce redness and irritation, diminish signs of aging, and minimize hyperpigmentation.

Brighten Your Skin with Facial Treatments

When you come to The Spa and Laser Center, our professional estheticians evaluate your skin and form recommendations based on your skin type, skin care regimen, age, and desired result. Many of our patients are looking for radiant, bright, and hydrated skin during the summer months. To produce these desired results there are various facial treatments to choose from—our ultimate glycolic facial, medicated clearing treatment, and microdermabrasion.

Even Tone with the Ultimate Glycolic Facial

Glycolic acid acts as a deeply penetrating exfoliant, removing dry, damaged, and dead skin cells. A glycolic facial reduces signs of aging, skin damage, and acne, providing patients with even-toned, refreshed, and clear skin. Unfortunately, glycolic acid can damage the skin if not used properly. However, with our Ultimate Glycolic Facial, our estheticians evaluate your skin condition and choose the right pH strength to provide you with the results you want.

Eliminate Scarring through Medicated Clearing Treatment

Individuals struggling with self-confidence due to acne, skin damage, scarring, and fine lines may find a medicated clearing treatment beneficial. This treatment uses a customized chemical peel to lessen the appearance of fine lines, scars, and acne. With our esthetician’s help, you can have clear, vibrant skin in time for the summer.

Buff to Brightness with Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation technique that uses an abrasive tool to buff away the top layer of the skin. This minimally invasive procedure is ideal for individuals with hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sun damage, age spots, and more. By removing the dead skin cells, a renewed, revitalized, and refreshed version of yourself appears, providing you with radiant summer skin.

Consult an Esthetician at The Spa and Laser Center

If you are interested in any of the above procedures, the estheticians at The Spa and Laser Center (a medical spa in Virginia Beach) can help. We offer a number of facial options, as well as other spa services, that prepare you for the summer. Prior to each treatment, our professional staff will examine your skin to determine the best way to get you the results you want. This tailored approach to facial treatments has helped our patients walk away feeling youthful, refreshed, and renewed. Discover a more radiant version of your skin by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone at 757-965-7444 with one of our estheticians.
Esthetician performing facial treatment using a professional equipment