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Reduce the appearance of fat and wrinkles with BTL Exilis Ultra treatment

Collagen is vital to beauty. This protein, found throughout your skin, helps it bounce back when stretched or moved. It helps it appear smooth and firm, hiding away the uneven texture of fat.

Attractive Woman At Dayspa For Skin TreatmentBut as you age, your body starts producing less and less collagen. As you have less collagen, you may notice your appearance change. You might find wrinkles. You might find your skin looks loose or uneven. These changes can happen on your face or anywhere else in your body.

BTL Exilis Ultra can help tighten and firm your body by increasing collagen production, undoing some signs of aging. Learn more about this non-invasive skin tightening treatment, available in Virginia Beach.

How BTL Exilis Ultra Works?

BTL Exilis Ultra increases collagen production to tighten the skin. It uses both radiofrequency energy and ultrasound to generate heat deep in your skin cells. That heat energy prompts your body to start a healing response, including growing more collagen.

The two methods of creating heat are safe to use on your face and body. The advanced system also provides cooling to keep you comfortable during your treatment. You’ll receive treatment via a wand that a technician will place in trouble areas, whether that is around your eyes or on your abdomen. Treatment is fast, taking between 4 and 30 minutes, depending on what area is being treated.

Depending on your skin laxity and where you are getting treatments, you may benefit from multiple treatments. Most patients receive between 2 to 4 treatments, about a week apart.

BTL Exilis Ultra Results

After your treatment, you’ll have no downtime. You can even get treatment over your lunch break then return to work. Side effects are rare and short-lasting, such as reddened skin for a few hours or days after treatment. You won’t need to change your activities at all after treatment.

Because your body needs time to heal and create collagen, it can take a few weeks after treatment before you start seeing results. Your optimal results are visible 90 days after your treatment. Studies of BTL Exilis Ultra report a 42 percent decrease in wrinkles on treated areas. Results are also long-lasting, offering firmer skin for up to 2 years after your treatment if you maintain your weight.

At The Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach, we offer safe skin tightening with noninvasive BTL Exilis Ultra. We provide treatment on all areas of the body so you can see fewer wrinkles and enjoy less visible fat cells. Our patients enjoy smoother, firmer skin after their treatment, helping them look years younger and feel more confident in their appearance. Our technicians offer personalized treatment and strive to help you stay comfortable throughout your appointment.

If you are interested in firming up your skin on your face or body, please contact us today at 757-965-7444 or online to schedule your BTL Exilis Ultra consultation.