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Ingrown hair can occur in any hair follicle across your body. These uncomfortable hair get caught beneath your skin, causing red bumps and even pustules that can hurt, look terrible and be hard to leave alone.

If you do get an ingrown hair, if you don’t remove it correctly, it could scar your skin. For instance, scratching or tearing open the skin above the ingrown hair can cause skin damage. That’s why it is important to avoid ingrown hair as much as possible.

What Causes Ingrown Hair
Ingrown hair occurs when the skin grows over the opening of the hair follicle, trapping the hair inside. They can also occur when hair grows sideways, into the wall of the hair follicle instead of out the opening in the skin.

Hair and skin are more likely to grown abnormally if you have removed hair with waxing, shaving, tweezing or hair removal creams. These removal methods can cause irritation and other issues within the skin and follicles. That’s why you are more likely to experience ingrown hair in areas where you remove hair, such as the bikini zone, legs, underarms or face.

You also may be more likely to experience ingrown hair if you frequently wear tight clothing or if you have coarse, thick hair.

How to Care for Ingrown Hair
If you do experience an ingrown hair, follow these steps to remove it gently and without causing scarring:

  • - Clean the area, your hands and your tweezers.
  • - Apply a hot washcloth to the area to soften your skin.
  • - Very gently use the tips of the tweezer to draw out the hair. If you cannot see the hair, continue to gently exfoliate your skin for a few days to see if you can draw the hair to the surface.
  • - Apply an antiseptic to the hair follicle to prevent infection.

    • You may also have success freeing ingrown hair by lightly exfoliating your skin a few times per week. However, the best way to treat ingrown hair is to prevent them from growing in the first place.

      How Laser Removal Helps Prevent Ingrown Hair
      Laser hair removal is the best solution for preventing ingrown hair, especially if you experience them frequently. Laser hair removal drastically reduces the amount of hair you have, reducing your risk for ingrown hair. It also makes hair thinner and lighter, which will also reduce the risk of ingrown hair.

      Once you have had laser hair removal, you’ll no longer need to use the methods of hair removal, like shaving and waxing, that likely caused your ingrown hair in the first place. It will also save you time because you won’t need to shave or wax.

      At the Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach, we offer safe, effective laser hair removal procedures for many different areas of the body from the face to legs, your underarms to your bikini zone. We can help you enjoy smoother skin and fewer ingrown hair. Contact us today at 757-965-7444 or online to schedule your consultation.
Laser hair removal procedure on the underarm of a young woman lying on a table in a Med clinic