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How lip filler can improve your appearance

Each part of your face--your eyebrows, your eyes, your nose, your lips--all come together to help you look beautiful. Though each part is small, they play a big role in your overall appearance and how you feel about yourself.Women Flaunting her beautiful lips

That’s why you might be disappointed with lips that are flat or thin, vertical lines around your mouth or lips that aren’t symmetrical. Your lips might be so thin that they disappear when you smile. Even a small change in how your lips look can affect your whole face, making you look older or affecting the balance of your facial features.

Unfortunately, as you age, your lips lose fullness as your body makes less collagen, a protein that keeps skin plump. You may also develop vertical wrinkles around your lips, especially if you smoke. You might find that your appearance and your reflection look very different than even just a few years before.

But don’t worry; you can restore balance to your face and volume to your lips. There are easy, nonsurgical ways to get fuller, beautiful lips that help you look young and gorgeous. Lip augmentation with lip filler provides instantly plumper lips with long-lasting results.

Fuller Lips in 30 Minutes

Lip augmentation uses injections of hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in your body. The hyaluronic acid provides volume and moisture when your lips begin to lose both as you age.

Using a tiny needle, a technician injects small amounts of hyaluronic acid in different spots in your upper and lower lip. Placement of the hyaluronic acid is vital to natural-looking results. If too much filler is put in a certain area, it can make your lips look too big or even asymmetrical. If too little is put in, you won’t have the results you want.

Though the procedure does use a tiny needle, it is not painful. You might feel little stings here and there, but your technician can use a topical numbing cream to reduce any discomfort. Your lips might be slightly swollen or red after your appointment, but these side effects should go away in a day or two at most.

Altogether, the appointment takes about 30 minutes. After your injections are done, you’ll instantly see fuller lips that are symmetrical and plump. You might also be able to use lip filler to eliminate vertical lines and wrinkles around your mouth. And you can expect to enjoy your results for 9 months to a year. Your body will harmlessly absorb the hyaluronic acid over that timeframe. But you can keep your lips looking full by scheduling regular maintenance appointments to inject additional filler.

At The Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach, we can help you use lip augmentation to get fuller, more beautiful lips without surgery or downtime. Our experienced technicians provide personalized, natural-looking results that will help you feel more confident in how you appear. Please contact us today at 757-965-7444 or online to schedule your lip filler consultation.
Professional Cosmetologist Injecting A lip Filler Into The Patient Lips