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Tighter skin makes you look and feel younger. The BTL Exilis Ultra and other latest non-surgical body contouring treatments have clinician-proven results in tightening loose and sagging skin after giving birth or weight loss, with no downtime. A non-surgical body contouring treatment helps improve your skin's appearance and tighten loose skin without going under the knife. But what is it? How does it work? And who should get one?

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment is performed in a doctor's office or medical spa. It is painless and takes about 30 minutes to complete, depending on how much skin needs to be tightened. No scalpels or needles are involved. Only radio waves, extreme cold, and or heat penetrate the fat through the skin, causing it to tighten as it heals. The tightening can last up to a decade but depends entirely on the type of treatment performed.

Treatments and Technologies

Non-surgical skin contouring treatments are the latest beauty craze, and they're becoming more and more popular. These treatments use the latest technology to help you get the body you want without going under the knife. There are three main types of non-surgical skin contouring treatments:

Radiofrequency (RF) energy

RF energy is a non-surgical skin contouring treatment that uses high-frequency waves to heat the tissue underneath the skin. This means it can treat more than just fat, which is why it's so popular in the skin-slimming industry. There are many different brands of RF energy devices on the market, but the most common one is the BTL Exilis Ultra.


Ultrasound uses sound waves to lift and tighten your face, improving your appearance. Ultrasound can treat wrinkles, acne scars, and even cellulite. Ultrasound works by tightening the skin by stimulating collagen production. This treatment is non-invasive and painless. The results are long-lasting and often immediate after a single treatment session.

Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is one of the most effective non-surgical skin contouring treatments available today. It removes stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen and other body areas. Laser lipolysis uses laser energy to break down and destroy fat cells. This process takes place gradually for months, allowing for more natural results than other methods. Laser lipolysis is safe and less painful when performed by an experienced professional following proper protocol.

What are the benefits of having a non-surgical body contouring treatment?

There are many benefits to having a non-surgical body contouring treatment. These include:

Freezing away fat

Fat freezing works by freezing the fat cells so that they die and are naturally removed by the body, with no need for surgery or medication. There is also no pain, bruising, or scarring associated with this treatment method.

No downtime

Staying in one place for too long can be boring. You may also have other obligations that make it difficult to take the necessary steps toward your fitness goals. If you want to get rid of stubborn fat deposits and cellulite while still being able to pursue these interests, non-surgical body contouring is the ideal solution. These treatments only take a few minutes daily, so they won't interfere with your schedule. Unlike surgery, where you'll have weeks or even months of recovery time ahead of you, non-surgical body contouring has no downtime and no need for pain medication after treatment. In fact, many patients can return home immediately after treatment.


One of the most appealing aspects of non-invasive body contouring treatments is that they're non-invasive. That means no incisions and no surgery, which can be a huge relief if you're worried about scarring or don't want to take time off work for recovery. Plus, there are far fewer risks involved with this kind of procedure than with invasive surgery. The results are generally more natural and can last longer than surgical procedures.

No anesthesia and no medications are needed

You don't need anesthesia or medications to have body contouring treatments. The treatments are non-surgical, painless, and relaxing, so you won't have to worry about any risks or complications.

FDA-approved for most areas of the body

This procedure is FDA-approved and considered safe for most areas of the body. It can be used to treat:
  • The abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Arms and thighs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Chin
  • Buttocks

Post-Treatment Recovery and Care

To ensure the best results from your treatment, follow these tips:
  • Wear loose clothing and avoid activities that cause pain or soreness until they subside.
  • Avoid sun exposure for at least a week after your treatment, and use sunscreen outdoors.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay well-hydrated throughout the day.
  • Massage the treated area.

Who can go for non-surgical body contouring?

Non-surgical body contouring is an option for anyone who wants to improve their appearance and shape but doesn't want to go under the knife. Anyone who has fat deposits around the belly, waist, thighs, or buttocks can benefit from the treatment. It is also effective for removing excess skin after weight loss or pregnancy. It's a great choice for trying out a new look without making any permanent changes.

Non-surgical body contouring experts at The Spa and Laser Center

The Spa and Laser Center offers skin tightening in Suffolk and body contouring treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable. Our skin tightening in Virginia Beach will help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape and appearance, while our body contouring in Virginia Beach will help you eliminate your unwanted love handles. So contact us to start your journey today.
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