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The future is here, truly. We live in a world where lasers perform corrective eye surgery, remove unwanted body hair, resurface your skin, treat vascular conditions, psoriasis, unsightly veins, reduce visibility of sun damage or age spots, remove scars, and fight signs of aging.

Whatever your problem, there’s a laser for it.

The Spa and Laser Center offers a variety of innovative laser treatments for your convenience. Even better, we have two locations: one in Virginia Beach off of Shore Drive and Great Neck, and another in Downtown Norfolk off of Brambleton Avenue.

Which laser spa treatment is right for you? Let’s take a look.

Laser Hair Removal

You’ve heard of this common procedure, popularized by Kim Kardashian. Laser technology has come a long way even since then. New lasers have been developed to better handle different skin tones and hair types, rather than the old-school models which were only truly effective on light skin with dark hair. The Spa & Laser Center makes sure to stock only the best equipment to yield the best possible results for our patients in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

Fractional Resurfacing treats damaged skin with thousands of teeny-tiny lasers. Applicable to nearly any part of the body, fraxel resurfacing laser treatments leave your skin fresh and new. Whether you’re looking to heal acne scars, reduce wrinkles, remove stretch marks, or fight hyperpigmentation, a fraxel laser treatment can help you look and feel your best.

Vascular Laser Therapy or Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment

Treat red broken veins or capillaries with this advanced laser spa procedure. Using quick and intense bursts of light, our certified laser technicians reduce signs of your vascular conditions, rosacea, psoriasis, or angiomas. Also beneficial for red scars or birthmarks, call the Spa & Laser Center in Virginia Beach or Norfolk to find out if pulsed dye vascular therapy might be the right treatment for your condition.

Photorejuvenation Laser Treatment

Also known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), this procedure is most commonly performed on the face, chest, back, and hands as it treats sun spots, sun damage, and freckles. Our advanced photorejuvenation laser technology works after just 2-3 treatments, leaving you totally photo ready!

Laser Genesis Therapy

This non-surgical laser spa treatment is safe, effective, and popular among our Virginia Beach and Norfolk patients. When you’re looking for a quick way to instantly improve the overall appearance of your skin, this new beginning might just be the answer. Reduce large pores, smooth uneven skin texture, reduce redness, and fade scars.

Vein Laser Therapy

Red and blue veins are treated on the face and legs with the vein laser therapy treatment at the Spa & Laser Center in Hampton Roads.

3D Laser Anti-Aging

Fight back against the effects of time, stress, and gravity with the 3D Laser Anti-Aging treatment, administered by the certified laser experts at our Spa & Laser Center in coastal Virginia. These healing lasers aid in collagen production, skin tone, skin texture, and skin complexion.

Whether you’re seeking hairless legs or a more youthful appearance, the Spa & Laser Center has a laser for you. Get in touch to schedule your appointment today!

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