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OPEN HOUSE SPALIDAY SALE Tues. Nov. 27th – Fri. Dec. 7th

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Botox $11/unit - (Reg. $13/unit minimum 20 units

Injectable specials: $50 off per syringe Including:  Juvederm Voluma XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Vollure, Restylane XC

BOOK YOUR CONSULTS FOR BOTOX AND FILLER NOW!! Everyone wants to look great around the holidays so start planning early to take advantage of these amazing offers!

All Skincare Treatments and Products 20% off!

Laser Rejuvenation Treatments (IPL, Candela V-Beam, Laser Genesis): $250 (reg. $325)

  Take advantage of our Laser Hair Removal Sale Prices!
Package of 4 Treatments to a "small" area: $299 (areas include upper lip, chin, fingers, toes)
Package of 4 Treatments to a "medium" area: $499 (areas include underarms, bikini line)
Package of 4 Treatments to a "large" area: $699 (areas include lower legs, upper arms, lower arms)
*please call for specific pricing for additional areas

    Alpha Beta Peel & Laser Genesis Combo Treatment - only $300!

FRAXEL Laser Treatments:
 2 treatments for $1200 (reg. $850 ea.)

   BTL EXILIS ULTRA:  Purchase 1 Treatment Package, get a 2nd area Package half off! 

Seasons change and so should your skincare!

Seasons change….and so should your skincare!

Seasonal transitions are the perfect time to switch up your skincare and treatment routines.  Here are the top treatments (with special pricing of course) that you should start NOW!

  1. Laser Hair Removal- Don’t wait to start this treatment! If you have unwanted hair, fall and winter is the perfect time to start. You will need multiple treatments booked at least 4 weeks apart so you can be silky smooth by spring!Fall Laser Hair removal offer!

      2.   Pigmentation Correction/ Collagen Production:  Your skin has been exhausted from the effects of the summer sun so what do you do now? Our 3D Laser Treatment is a non-invasive, multi-laser procedure that builds collagen while focusing on

* Brown spots/age spots/pigmentation
       * Red  spots/capillaries /rosacea   
* Pore size & skin texture

      3.    Non-laser RejuvenationMicroneedling is another rejuvenating procedure that assists your skin with fibroblast collagen production. This treatment also increases the effectiveness of topical growth factors used as they are able to efficiently penetrate into the skin. This treatment should be done in conjunction with our Selphyl injections or PRP application.

        Fall Skin Care offer!>

      4.    KybellaCorrect small areas of fat with injections resulting in little downtime and no surgery?  Yes please! Kybella injections to the neck area are a wonderful way to treat excess suResult After Kybella Injectionbmental fullness. A small amount of swelling can be expected following this treatment so scheduling this during a time of year when we wear more layers can be beneficial. Kybella can be an option for you if:

  • you are bothered by submental fullness
  • Surgery is not an option for you
  • You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you are
  • You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness does not go away
Fall Injection Special for Client
Kybella Treatment Ressult on young lady
These photos demonstrate our client's progress before/immediately post/and 3 weeks post Kybella treatment- In each photo she is pressing her chin to her chest and is thrilled with her results!

Somaderm Gel

This ground-breaking product is changing lives! 

Personally reported results from OUR OWN CLIENTS have included the following... better SLEEP, increased ENERGY & FOCUS, increased LIBIDO, improved VISION, and diminished FINE LINES  & WRINKLES!
Don't miss out on what Somaderm Gel can do for YOU!

Regular pricing is only $169.99
Autoship pricing is only $149.99 and can be adjusted or cancelled at any time.One bottle of product will last 1-2 months
It is recommended for Somaderm Gel to be used for at least 6 months to determine maximum benefits, however many individuals are feeling incredible results in WEEKS or even DAYS!Please contact YOUR PROVIDER at The Spa and Laser Center to purchase your Somaderm Gel or
CLICK HERE to purchase today!