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Drawing marks for Botox treatmentBotox and injectable fillers such as Juvederm are the most popular cosmetic treatments offered today. These nonsurgical treatments offer quick, long-lasting results as well as a more youthful-looking appearance. But while both treatments are delivered through injections, they offer very different changes to your appearance. In order to get the results you want, it’s important you choose the treatment that’s right for your face. To determine whether Botox or fillers are right for you, ask yourself these questions:

Do I have wrinkles around my eyes or forehead?
If you are bothered by fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes, between your eyebrows, or on your forehead, Botox is FDA-approved to treat these trouble spots. These are wrinkles that appear or are made worse when you move muscles, called “dynamic wrinkles.” Botox will relax the nerves and muscles in these areas, leading to a smoother-looking appearance.Dermal fillers cannot be used for treatment in these areas. Fillers can help smooth out these wrinkles

Do I have wrinkles around my mouth or cheeks?
Parenthesis around your mouth or wrinkles in your cheeks may be apparent whether or not you are moving your facial muscles. These are called “static wrinkles.”
If these are the types of wrinkles that are bothering you, then dermal fillers are a better choice. Dermal fillers use specially created solutions to fill in sagging or wrinkled areas, especially in your lower face. The fillers can help smooth out these wrinkles, even when your face is relaxed.

Am I missing a more rounded, youthful appearance?
As we age, we lose collagen in our lips and cheeks, causing them to become thinner or more shallow looking. Dermal fillers can add more volume to these areas so they appear as they did when you were younger.
Botox does not add any volume to the face and can’t be used for these purposes.

Do I want to prevent wrinkles from getting worse?
Some evidence suggests that using Botox, even in your 30s, can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the upper face from getting worse as you age. Because the Botox keeps your face relaxed, it prevents the skin from creasing over time.

Dermal fillers cannot only treat, not prevent, wrinkles.

Still unsure which treatment is right for you? You can receive both Botox and injectables right here in Virginia Beach at the Spa and Laser Center. Our trained staff delivers beautiful results and can help you create a personalized plan to achieve and maintain a more youthful appearance. Contact us today 757.965.7444 or  schedule your consultation.
Doctor giving cosmetic botox injection to women