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Botox® doesn’t just help with wrinkles; it’s also FDA-approved to treat excessive underarm sweating. It’s an effective treatment to help relieve the discomfort--and often the embarrassment--of excessive sweating (called hyperhidrosis.)

How Does Botox® Stop Underarm Sweating?

People with hyperhidrosis sweat a lot, even when you are not hot. You may soak through your clothes or even have sweat dripping off of you. This may be because nerves that activate the sweat glands are overactive. Instead of only sending signals to cool you down when you feel warm, the nerves fire at random times or even all the time.

Botox® uses a neurotoxin to block nerve signals to sweat glands. When a small amount is injected into the area around your underarms, it helps stop your nerves from telling your sweat glands to produce sweat. Botox® is safe when injected by an experienced professional into the correct areas of your armpit.

What are Botox® Injections for Underarms Like?

Botox® injections use a very tiny needle to place Botox® just below your skin. The physician performing your injections will place them in very specific areas to stop sweating. You’ll have multiple injections around your underarm to make sure all nerve signals are blocked.

The needle is very fine, so it should cause minimal discomfort. To keep you comfortable, your doctor may apply ice or numbing cream to your armpits before starting injections.

When Should I Expect Results from Botox®?

Botox® results aren’t instant. You should start experiencing less sweating within a few days and total dryness within two weeks. Your results may last for months, sometimes even a year. You can get maintenance injections to help stop sweating once your results start to wear off.

When injected in the wrong places, Botox® can cause side effects. That’s why it’s important for your safety and your best results to visit a Botox® provider who has experience and training in providing Botox® for underarms.

How Much Does Botox® for Underarms Cost?

Fortunately, unlike Botox® for wrinkles, many insurance companies cover the cost of Botox® for your underarms, as long as you have a diagnosis of hyperhidrosis. Your primary care physician can help you get this diagnosis and refer you to an experienced Botox provider for treatment. You may be diagnosed with hyperhidrosis if you experience symptoms, such as:
  • - Excessive sweating on both sides of the body
  • - Sweating that interferes with your daily life, relationships or career
  • - Sweating that occurs for seemingly no reason and has been occurring for more than 6 months
  • - Excessive sweating that began before age 25
  • - Incidents of excessive sweating at least once per week
    • If you have these symptoms and unexplained excessive sweating, you may have hyperhidrosis. Without health insurance coverage, Botox® for hyperhidrosis can cost around $1,000.

      You don’t have to live with uncomfortable and embarrassing underarm sweat. At The Spa and Laser Center in Virginia Beach, we have experienced Botox® providers that deliver effective, long-term relief from excessive underarm sweating. Contact us today at 757-965-7444 or online to schedule your Botox® for excessive underarm sweating consultation.
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