Explore Massage Services

The Spa & Laser Center of Virginia Beach offers a number of soothing and relaxing massages. Escape to our convenient location at the intersection of Shore Drive & Great Neck when you need a therapeutic massage, whether full body, facial, reflexive, deep tissue, or pre/post surgery.

North Shore Signature Massage

This classic full-body massage is customized to your individual needs and targets the most stressed areas of your body. Relaxing and invigorating, you’ll leave with increased circulation, reduced toxins, and relieved stress.

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology targets trigger points on the feet and hands which correspond to various organs and muscles throughout the rest of the body. This massage helps to balance your central nervous system, relax your body, and calm your mind. Let us know ahead of time, and we’ll coordinate your reflexology massage with a facial or body treatment for maximum relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage – Athlete Massage

Great for athletes or those who prefer a firmer touch, our deep tissue massage is sure to relieve all your muscle aches and pains.

The Golfer’s Massage

Designed to enhance play on the course by targeting golf-specific muscle groups with advanced therapeutic techniques, this massage is a must for the devoted golfer. We’ll tailor your experience for pre- or post- game soreness, and concentrate on your neck, shoulders, lower back, and hamstrings.

The Mother’s Massage

This prenatal therapy is just what new and expecting mothers need. Relieving pain associated with backaches, leg cramps, and headaches, this massage is specifically designed for pregnant women who are 12 weeks to full term.

The Surgical Massage

Perfect for pre- and post- op patients, this massage is customized to your specific needs.

Utilizing a combination of muscle stripping and manual lymphatic drainage, the pre-surgery massage frees up adhesions in the muscles before your procedure, resulting in less scar tissue.

The post-surgery massage utilizes manual lymphatic drainage as well as myofascial release, to bring down swelling and accelerate the healing process.