Explore Facial Treatments

The Spa & Laser Center offers the best spa experience in Virginia Beach, from our North Shore Signature Facial to our Laser Hair Removal to our Botox and Kybella Injectables. You can be sure of quality care when you stop by our Shore Drive spa. Perfectly situated between Bayside Chicks Beach and the oceanfront, the Spa & Laser Center is right at the intersection of Shore Drive and Great Neck in Virginia Beach.

Our facials treat a variety of skin conditions – try our Ultimate Glycolic Treatment to experience the utmost in Photo Rejuvenation and wave goodbye to unsightly wrinkles and spots, or upgrade your facial with a VascuTouch, Microdermabrasion, Ampoule Booster, Oxygen Blast, Epidermal Planing, Enzyme or Transdermal Infusion Mask.

North Shore Signature Facial

This classic facial combines all the components of a great spa experience is sure to relax, nourish, balance, and energize dry or sun-damaged skin. This facial is high in ceramides, which are essential to skin function and maintenance of moisture levels, as well as contributing to firmness, elasticity, and pH balance of delicate facial skin. To complement this monthly-must, we recommend a gentle eye treatment, special ampoule, and hand massage. Your North Shore Signature Facial will leave you tranquil, destressed, and with glowing skin.

North Shore Revitalizer

Enjoy this refreshing facial anytime – it’s quick, effective, and light. Our spa technicians will cleanse, exfoliate, and massage your face, then apply a mask to refine and shrink your pores. Finally, we’ll top you off with a light moisturizer to keep your skin soft and plump. No extractions are performed during this Virginia Beach facial treatment.

Oxy-mist™ Facial

Like a breath of fresh air for your skin, this deeply relaxing and therapeutic facial treatment will illuminate your skin with vitamins, trace minerals, and amino acids, revealing a healthy and hydrated glow. Excellent for all ages and skin types, this treatment has hydrating and anti-aging properties.

Age-Defying Facial

A wonderful choice before or after surgery, this anti-aging facial accelerates healing and calms the skin by stimulating lymphatic circulation, visibly reducing age lines and sun damage.

The Ultimate Glycolic Treatment

This dramatic treatment was designed to reduce the appearance of photo damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. Your skin will appear brighter and firmer, while your pores are refined and purified. A series of six treatments is recommended for optimal results. For best results, combine with Oxygen Blast Upgrade. This treatment is recommended in conjunction with Pulsed Dye Laser Treatments for Rosacea.

Gentleman’s Luxury Facial

Reserved for gentlemen of class and distinction, this treatment deep cleans pores on the face and neck, bringing immediate relief to skin irritations, razor burn, and razor bumps. Followed by a soothing mask of lemongrass and optional brow grooming, this procedure will leave you looking and feeling polished and fresh.

Teen Facial (ages 12 and up)

Your teen years are your face’s most sensitive time. Start your skin off right with the Teen Facial, designed to promote proper skin care. This deep pore cleanse consists of mild exfoliation, steam treatment, and a deep clean of clogged pores. Gentle on sensitive skin, this procedure is great for all ages and skin types.

Medicated Clearing Treatment

The ultimate in acne management, we recommend this treatment for both teens and adults. Targeting current blemishes and helping to prevent future breakouts, this procedure is a must for anyone struggling with acne. We recommend a series of treatments for best results.

Eye Care Lift

The fragile skin around our eyes is particularly sensitive to the ravages of daily routine – facial expressions, makeup, sleep levels, and stress all play a part. Specially formulated for this delicate skin, the Eye Care Lift has a soothing, moisturizing effect which increases the elasticity of the tissue.

Optional Facial Treatment Upgrades to Enhance your Spa Experience & Results:

  • Back Treatment: Glycolic peels or organic DNA treatment can be included during facials on a periodic basis for best results.
  • VascuTouch: A quick and effective treatment for the removal of unsightly facial veins and skin tags.
  • Microdermabrasion 30 minutes: An advanced treatment highly recommended for outstanding results.
  • Oxygen Blast: Neutralizes free-radicals and helps restore smoothness, while hydrating and calming the skin. Excellent post-surgical treatment.
  • Ampoule Booster: 
  • Enzyme Mask: 
  • Epidermal Planing:
  • Transdermal Infusion Masks:
    Green Tea
    Anti-Aging Serum
    Collagen Eye Treatment
    Collagen Skin Firming Treatment
    Scalp Massage